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    Welcome to our Web Page.



    Our aim is to be global competitive brand that support regional development and producing environment friednly products ,by our research-development activities in accordance with our comsumer’s expectations and trends on worldwide.


    Our vision is to become a company that increase of production technology and product quality by following innovation and technological developments, institutionalized,continously increase its regional and sectoral activities to be world’s leading brand,earned to Turkey foreign currency inflow by export and contributing to the national economy through investmens in creating large employment opportunities.

  • UMT Manufacturing & Engineering ; aim to become a global brand that perform in accordance with Integrated Management System that compose in line with our vision, mission, our etchic policy and business etchics principles.Also we aim to win trust of our stakeholders and always aim to be active on worlwide and we always care about to be confidental also we constantly renew ourselves. In line with this purpose;

    • Customer- focused to ensure continuity in meeting customer expectations,
    • Creating a safe working environment and developing the systems to take the necessary measures,
    • Focusing to protect our natural environment and being respectful to people and the environment
    • Reducing waste, icreasing the rate of recyclig, use efficiently natural resources and energy
    • Following up technological developments, processing to design and development on our products,
    • Structured to be able to respond to emergency situations
    • Comply with the rules, legislation and the other conditions
    • Be transparent to our stakeholders in our applications
  • Responsibility Towards to Customers.

    • Develop environment-friendly products that , improve the efficiency of employees ,continuously development and functional for our customers with research, ergonomic, sensitive to human health and provide products,services and solutions that meet the expectations of customers subject to quality, safety and the environment.
    • Make a point of transparency,honesty and sincerity in all dealings with our customers
    • Offer our products and services on time and under the promised conditions.
    • Approach to our customers within the scope of respect,justice,equality an courtesy principles

    Responsibility Towards to Supplier.

    • Treat to our suppliers with fair and respectfull
    • Take care of necessary sensibility and attention to fulfill all obligations toward to our suppliers
    • Protect the confidental documents that show do business with our partnership organizations

    Responsibility Toward to Company.

    • Protect company investments and work for recycling that icrease continously.
    • Act within the scope of ficancial discipline and accountability.
    • Manage our working times with our company’s resources and assets by productivity and time-saving conscious.

    Socail Responsibility.

    • Acting in accordance with the laws and regulations in the areas that we operate, manage our business as a responsible of society,respect to human rights adopted by the world and support the maintenance.
    • Support to regional development, be responsive to society needs.In this regard,developing education, health and environment projects and perfrom these projects or supporting existing projects.
    • Product design in line with customer expectations, ‘’customer-centric design’’
    • Integration to innovate production and management technologies.
  • Reseach and Development ‘’Research and Development’’ is a common term used to describe its works and activities to use in development new products, processes or services in the company’s field line by employing company’s scientists an engineers.Main task of R & D projects is to renew and increase continously company’s profits availability by using technological developments.Having innovative thinking,change and development, new technology are important as the productivity of the competition,price,advertising an marketing.There are two basic approaches in perspective of our company research and development activities.